The Crafty Lass does… Paint Swatch Bunting!

Been decorating recently? I bet you have lots of random left over paint swatches – and rather than just shoving them in that drawer in your house that ends up collecting all the random stuff (everyone has one of those!) what better way to use them up than being crafty and making some bunting! Inspired by my recent Easter crafts blog post, and the Modern Parents, Messy Kids Easter bunting – I thought I would make it an all year round decoration with some lovely hearts!


All you need is a craft ‘punch‘ to cut out your chosen shapes (I would also love to do stars!) or patience to cut them all out by hand of course… then, just sew them all together on to some thread. It certainly brightens up my new office door sign. 🙂


And yes, my office door does have a sign that says – ‘OPEN – Tea and Biscuits Welcome’ and on the other side – SHUT HAPPENS. Definitely with a ‘U’ 😉 !

Even The Crafty Lass needs to stop being crafty sometimes!

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