The Crafty Lass does… Desk Art – Washi Tape Letters!

I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave my lovely blank and pristinely white ‘The Crafty Lass’ ‘C’ and ‘L’ alone for long… When I bought them, I had intended to simply paint them – one in hot pink, and the other in bright green – but instead, inspired by some new additions to my ‘washi tape’ collection – I went for a crazy ‘layered’ look.

The blank letters, can be found at Fred Aldous (and many other art/craft shops) and the tapes… well you can find them ALOT of places… Google ‘washi tapes’ and you’d be surprised just how many variations there are!

It’s vibrant, it’s a simple craft to try, and I think – looks GREAT! It’s certainly an inspiring bit of desk art! 🙂





















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