Happy Mail :)

Aren’t sisters the best?? Ok, not all sisters are – but mine is. A heart of gold and so clever and creative!

I got sent some ‘Happy Mail’ today. Not for any particular reason, other than to make me smile. A funky card design, some lovely words inside, and to top it all – even a decorated envelope! When I got in from work today, there it was on the mat, saying – ‘Oooh look at me, I am here to make you happy!’ OK, it obviously didn’t speak literally – but it did achieve it’s objective and had me grinning before I had even opened it!

I think all post should arrive like this. Imagine if HMRC letters, and your electricity bill came with beautiful envelopes – people are more likely to a) open them b) pay them on time c) be happy and cheery in life.

Thanks, sis – you’re the BEST!



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  • Louise Salter

    You are more than welcome, sis.
    Happy Mail is the way forward.
    It’s so lovely when a surprise package or envelope lands on your door mat.

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