Brackley Farmers Market

Well, another cold and grey day over the lovely Northamptonshire market town of Brackley. There have been quite a few of these recently. (Did anyone see the eclipse yesterday??) I said this in an earlier post – but where exactly is this thing called ‘Spring’? It seems to have gone A.W.O.L. I have also been feeling a little under the weather these last few days, and could do with a good hearty dose of sunshine to perk myself up!

This morning, I bared the cold and headed into town and to the market square to have a lovely mooch around our monthly farmers market. The local producers are here, come rain, come shine, come snow, come hail. Today they were like their own little ray of sunshine!

Being a market town, to state the obvious – it is just MADE for a market. The whole town just lifts when the farmers market is in situ. There is a happy hustle and bustle, people buying stuff not just from the standard supermarkets, supporting local producers, getting some tasty tucker and treats. Yes, there aren’t a HUGE amount of stalls, but there doesn’t need to be – a lot of markets I have been to offer very similar stuff across the stalls – providing competition yes, but not always new products. Here there is a wide enough range of stalls offering a nice selection of quality produce – from freshly baked bread from our local bakery, sumptuous – and absolutely delicious – cupcakes, delicate desserts, vegetarian, gluten free, coffee, beer, everything you would expect from a good market!

Each month, they run a new competition. Last month, I was extremely lucky to WIN! And, it was a whole (HUGE) hamper of stuff – worth around £70! Very lucky, very happy, and very full… There were cakes, cupcakes, bread, welsh scones, pies, chicken, beef, sausage rolls, cheesecakes, cheeses, scones, chutneys, relish, beer (and beer glass!), handmade soap… and a lovely hessian sack to keep it all in. I was definitely an over excitable foodie lass that day – calling my husband up listing all the produce we had to (couldn’t wait to!) consume! I ended up sharing with friends and neighbours too – share the wealth!

There is only one downside to this market – and it is that it is only on one Saturday a month! I personally am counting down til the next one on April 18th. In the meantime, I am off to enjoy a Saturday afternoon treat of a cupcake or two from the fabulously pink Wonder Kitchen!

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