The Crafty Lass – New Recruit

Becoming ‘The Crafty Lass’ over the course of the last year – has meant quite a change in scenery for my day to day ‘office’ environment – I am often out and about, but it can also mean being in the house for fairly long periods of time. That may seem like absolute bliss (which, I am not going to lie – of course it can be!) but although I am often busy, and totally absorbed in whatever I am making or planning – it can be quite quiet, no set routine and just – lonely! (Awwww!)

So, how to fix this…?


After much debate – there was only one real solution – we would need the first The Crafty Lass recruit… and it would need four legs!

We advertised for the role at various locations – and were quite flexible on the candidate submissions (of which there were quite a few!)


Title: Happiness Administrator

Reports to: The Crafty Lass


  • In charge of general routine to the day – to advise and remind The Crafty Lass when it is lunch, dinner and exercise or ‘walkies’ time.
  • Ensure The Crafty Lass does not spend the whole day in front of the computer (see above).
  • Keep The Crafty Lass warm on the sofa, and be willing to administer cuddles where required.
  • Listen to craft project ideas.
  • Support on all general business matters.

Desired Attributes:

  • Playful.
  • Friendly.
  • Happy to sometimes be left for small periods of time.

Ideal Qualifications – but not essential:

  • House Trained


  • Live in position only.
  • Be willing to relocate if necessary.
  • Be cute.
  • Try not to distract The Crafty Lass with being cute.


img_20160207_185133.jpgIt didn’t take long for the recruitment panel (The Crafty Lass and The Husband) to come to a decision. Only one candidate went to final interview stage – his CV and history was a little unknown and sketchy – but they came across generally well and I think you’ve got to go with your gut feel haven’t you?

He arrived on 14th February, Valentine’s Day – ready for his first The Crafty Lass day today. I was actually more nervous than him – to see how he would get on… but, I shouldn’t have worried – so far, I think we are going to be best buds!


Now, whether he actually knows and understands his full job role or not, the new recrwp-1455555790646.jpeguit – “Patch”, a Parson Russell Terrier is on Day One. He seems to be settling in well, and completing (and exceeding!) most of the expectations. The only ‘rule’ he is breaking – is this that The Crafty Lass is certainly not getting as much work done, as he is certainly cute-and-very-distracting. He knows the full layout of the ‘office’ now, and where his ‘desk’ is (otherwise known as a grey fluffy blanket on the sofa). We’ve gone through the health and safety – like not to bark at passing strangers through the window whilst simultaneously trying to physically climb through our wooden blinds  – and he (thankfully!!) knows where the toilets are (the garden, NOT inside – we are winning and very proud of that one!!), he knows where the ‘canteen’ is to get his lunch (the kitchen, obviously) and his regular water breaks. He even gets to sleep at the office! (Alright for some!) Gold star for Patch – in fact, he could even be up for employee of the month if he continues on his current trend.


wp-1455555773126.jpegIn all seriousness – I’ve been waiting a long time to write this blog post. I always knew we would get a dog – especially if I worked for myself – I grew up with some lovely dogs, and – mainly rescue dogs too – and to be able to give such a lovely little dog, a good home… It’s just fantastic. Patch – was due to be put to sleep, until the charity ‘Hope‘ intervened, which – seeing what a warm, friendly, ‘good’ dog he is, breaks my heart – but I have to be realistic and honest that this sort of thing – whether I like it or not – does happen. He was then taken to the wonderful <a href="https://www januvia 50” target=”_blank”>Blue Cross – where we had submitted a questionnaire saying that yes, we liked him – and we were ‘matched’. It was like a ‘dating agency’ type affair!

We didn’t know how things would turn out, and of course – we still don’t, it is only day 1 – but as I said before – ‘gut feel’, he is simply brilliant. We shall have to see how it goes – but to be finally sat writing this whilst a snoozing (and snoring!) little bundle of fluff is snuggled up next to me is just so heart warming and makes me an extremely happy proud, and no longer lonely lass. The Crafty Dog!

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Top 5… Valentine’s Crafts!

I love Valentine’s Day.

Yes, I know it can be commercial, and yes it can sometime’s can also be tacky and yes – just an excuse for you to HAVE to spend more money on your dearest loved one. But, that is kind of the point? I feel I can say I love you to The Husband on any day of the year – and, I do buy him little gifts for random meanings and occasions (and yes, he is lucky, right?) and not just because it’s a ‘special day’. However, I do like that it is a very specific romantic day of the year where, should you desire – tell the person you love, secretly – or not, declare the reasons you’re with that important person in your life, just make someone feel loved and special.

I wouldn’t EVER go to a restaurant for it, or in fact at the weekend’s around then – they cram the tables in, put on a ‘special’ menu, charge over the top, you are sat with everyone trying to have a personal and private moment – and you invariably are sitting so close you can actually hear what the other people are saying. I usually opt for cooking The Husband dinner – and occasionally – him cooking one for me. Gifts? I don’t NEED an extravagantly purchased item to make me know that I am thought about… perhaps just some flowers? Even from the garden… haha! Or just my favourite chocolate bar? Damn – shouldn’t really be writing this! The Husband usually reads the blog… and so with that in mind – of course if he would really like to spontaneously cave into the commerciality (unlikely!) then please do dearest! Those Alex Monroe earrings would be pretty special… 😀

Anyway – one thing I do always feel is important is to give a card. Now I know what you are thinking – well, you would say that – you sell your own greetings card range! But, precisely – that is part of the reason I designed greeting cards in the first place. They aren’t just a bit of paper – they allow you to express your thoughts and emotions inside! (By the way, you can get a special offer at the minute – FREE delivery on all orders on The Crafty Lass greeting cards on our Etsy store with code TCLVAL16!!) Enough of plugging the promo, and back to the real point. I just think that the opportunity to pen a few lines to your other half, your special one, your snugglekins (!) can be a special moment.

I wouldn’t ever expect a blank card to be completed with “Dear Janet, Love John x”… What, that’s IT?? You need to put some effort into it! Maybe I should be grateful of a card at all – and it certainly sounds upon reading that I am a crafty little Valentine’s diva – but I certainly keep my ‘special’ cards in a shoe box for ever more, to be annually, or perhaps decadely reviewed every now and again with an ‘awwww’ and fuzzy feeling moment – so you had best be writing something that little bit more emotive!! For those that already do this – high five. Just take the opportunity whenever you can to just make someone your focus and let them know you care, however that might be.

Whatever your thoughts on the big February 14th, presents or no presents, card or no card, here are some suggestions of cute little crafty ways to make it special. There is a bit of a ‘hearts’ theme going on…


1. DIY Heart Card

If you are planning to MAKE a card how about this lovely DIY embroidered card idea!


2. Heart Gift Wrap

Craft knifes at the ready! If you are buying a gift for the special someone – what a simple, but ever so effective hearts gift wrapping idea with the red and brown paper. There are two ideas in one here, as they also offer a creative stamping effect too – simply using a pencil eraser!


3. Heart Garland

Another gift wrap idea here, but could also be used as a decoration garland afterwards! Cute, again – simple but effective!


4. Chocolate Shortbread Heart Cookies

If baking is your thing (you can’t beat a bit of baked goodies to certainly make someone smile) what about this lovely chocolate shortbread and sprinkles idea. There is also a good US measurements converter here at Good To Know. You’re welcome!


5. Heart Cheescake

Still on the baking theme – just how amazing does this hearts cheesecake look?? It must be SO satisfying to make that swirl… wow!





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