The Crafty Lass does… Workshops!

Make. Create. Inspire.5The Crafty Lass is looking to launch craft workshops, and now it is time for YOUR feedback! I have created a (very) short questionnaire via Survey Monkey to see what you would like!

It would be very much appreciated if you could take a few minutes to complete, and also send this on to anyone who you think would like to be involved!
Many thanks in advance!

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Top 5… Creatively biscuity things!

Is biscuity even a word?? Either way – Friday 29th May 2015 was apparently ‘National Biscuit Day‘… in fact – every day in our house is ‘biscuit day’. My personal absolute favourites are chocolate hobnobs, with a glass of milk or a cup of Yorkshire tea… Mmmmmm.

According to an article on the Telegraph, I am not alone in my biscuit loving:

“Research to mark National Biscuit Day on Friday revealed that the average Brit enjoys at least two biscuits a day.”

To celebrate biscuits and all their lovely happiness making delight, here are my top 5 all things creatively biscuity!


1. Family Favourites Tea Towel.

I always think it is nice to have fun tea towels in the kitchen, to give you something to smile about while you are having to do the drying up! And, you couldn’t need much more than this lovely ‘Family Favourites’ tea towel from Charlotte Farmer. It doesn’t have hobnobs on, but with such beautiful design and delicate drawings, I can forgive…!


2. Biscuit Cushions.

Continuing on the house and home theme these, are simply beautiful. What could be better than fantastically giant over-sized biscuit cushions for your house from Nikki McWilliams!


3. Biscuit Pocket Mug.

We all need somewhere to keep our beloved biccies – and so what could be better than this ‘biscuit pocket mug‘!


4.Button Biscuits.

Now this, I want to try. Beautiful lemon button biscuits from ‘A Normal Mum’. Fun, crafty and a simple to bake and make recipe!


5. Biscuiteers.

If baking isn’t your thing, more the actual eating part – take a look at Biscuiteers – their range and creativity never fails to amaze me. Absolutely stunningly beautiful biscuits, hand piped to perfection!


Right, I am off to put the kettle on for a cuppa and biscuit or three!

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The Crafty Lass does… Washi Tape Letters, Part 2!

Following my recent post: ‘The Crafty Lass does…Desk Art – Washi Tape Letters!‘, a friend – inspired by the bright colours and the ability to personalise the idea with her own choice of letters – she approached me to help her create some for a very thoughtful wedding gift! 

So, the Bride and Groom’s initials were ordered from ‘Fred Aldous‘, and after MUCH colour choice and deliberation some specially selected ‘Washi Tape’ via Etsy!

Romantic ‘All you need is love’ and ‘Mr & Mrs’ tapes were selected, of course!

In regards to the other colours, we considered going down the wedding colour scheme route, then favourite colours, then all neutrals… however, we settled on gaining inspiration from a rather fabulous coloured dress that the Bride owns! A very personalised and lovely range of brights and pastels combined.

So, we slowly layered up the colours across the letters, with ‘All you need is love’ on the ‘J’ and the ‘C’, and appropriately, the ‘Mr and Mrs’ tape on the ‘&’.









And here, are the finished results!

An evening of fun, friends, craft and food – good times.

I do hope that the Bride and Groom had a wonderful wedding day and enjoy their washi tape letters!


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Mollie Makes Handmade Awards 2015

I have thrown my hat into the ring and entered the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards 2015, in the Start-Up and Creative Idea categories… wish me luck! 🙂

Make. Create. Inspire. The Crafty Lass is a startup business that aims to show that making lovely things isn’t difficult! I’ve quit the 9-5 and plan to deliver craft workshops in my local community for kids, teenagers, adults, to show that you can make lovely things for yourself, as gifts, for events – cleverly, inexpensively and beautifully. It’s my aim to make people smile, enjoy a creative experience and be proud of what they achieve. I’d like to enter the Start-Up & Creative Idea Awards.

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The Crafty Lass does… Greeting Cards!

Well, a life long dream is in progress of actually happening…Publishing my own greeting card ranges. 🙂

I have always loved design, stationery design in particular – and love nothing more than sending and receiving a traditional hand written card. Don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and all other social media as ways to communicate almost instantly with the world what you are up to, what you have seen that inspires you. However, it does not beat a brightly coloured envelope landing on your doormat and reading a heartfelt message whilst curled up on your sofa with a cup of (Yorkshire) tea.

The cost of stamps, is continually on the rise and part of me recently started to question will people eventually stop sending cards if it just becomes too much money? With another recent price hike to 63p for a first class stamp, and with the average cost of a greeting card around £1.44 you are factoring in at least £2.07 per card. However, to make someone smile, to make someone know you remembered, you are thinking of them, as the Mastercard adverts say… is “Priceless”. It’s less than the UK average price of a pint of beer! If you hand deliver, you can of course save some pennies AND have a beer with the recipient! 😉

The next steps for ‘The Crafty Lass’ greeting cards:

Approve the proofs, order the envelopes, cellophane bags, and then the online shop and…sales!

The first sale of ‘The Crafty Lass’ greeting cards, will be a big moment for me – let’s hope I get some ‘congratulations’ cards to celebrate! 😉

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Top 5… Doughnuts! (It’s National Doughnut Week!)

Doughnuts, are pretty special – right? Gloriously deep fried, golden sugary deliciousness. They are so good, there is a national week to celebrate them in all their glory! That week, is THIS week! 9th-16th May 2015.

So, although not recommended as a daily snack of course, as a worthy treat or dessert – why not get stuck into making some the below??

Healthier Doughnuts

So, doughnuts don’t have the greatest reputation in the health stakes, and possibly rightly so – but then why not have your cake, I mean doughnut, and be able to eat it – with these gloriously healthier versions over at ‘Greatist’. Yummy, AND alot of options it seems to downsize the calories…


Doughnut cake

However, if you are of the opinion that if you are going to have a calorifically delicious treat, why not enjoy the 100% full fat version – you could go the other way – make this completely decadent, amazing doughnut CAKE! Yes, that is a cake, constructed from doughnuts… Why haven’t I thought of this before?!?


Wedding Doughnuts

If you are getting married, and love doughnuts – why not have Bride and Groom doughnuts on top of a doughnut tower instead of the traditional sponge? I am sure guests would love something that little bit different! I wouldn’t be complaining anyhow…!


Blackberry and custard doughnhuts

These, are just awesome doughnuts. Simple as that! A great easy to follow recipe, delicious filling…Get stuck in!


‘Doughnut’ Cookies

And, if you don’t actually like doughnuts – well, firstly, why not? Secondly – not sure why you are reading this post… but there is an option – why not give these ‘doughnut’ cookies a go!


In the words of Homer Simpson “This donut has purple in the middle, purple is a fruit” not sure he is 100% accurate there, but all in moderation of course, including moderation.


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The Crafty Lass does… Hobbycraft ‘Make of the Month’ – Runner Up award!

So, that was a little bit of exciting news to come home to! The Crafty Lass has been awarded runner up in the Hobbycraft April ‘Make of the Month’ competition with my ‘C&L’ Washi Tape Letters!

I have even won myself a little Hobbycraft giftcard of £10! Anna Silcox, with her beautiful strawberry tea cosy (deservedly so!) got the top-spot, but – I am chuffed to bits with runner up!

It just goes to show you – that making lovely things, does not need to be difficult! What will you enter into the May ‘Make of the Month’ competition?

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The Crafty Lass does… Birthday Invitations Commission!

I recently received a delightful commission for a ‘zoo-themed’ toddler’s birthday invitations…I had a LOT of fun with this one – who wouldn’t love spending time designing and creating some cheeky little meerkats and monkeys on Illustrator!

It has really inspired me to think about future invitation design ideas, and even a new range of children’s birthday cards! 🙂

I hope you all like the design just as much as I had fun creating them! I became so attached to them I even started to name the animals… 😉


Jacob InvitePS – I’ve changed a few of the details, for obvious reasons! 😉

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The Crafty Lass does… The Brackley Community Carnival AND The Great Brackley Bake Off!

Saturday 13th June 2015 – a date for your diaries – The Brackley Community Carnival!

The Crafty Lass not only has a craft stall in the ‘Craft Marquee’, selling my new greetings card ranges – (soon to be sold online, watch this space!) – I now also have a space in The Great Brackley Bake Off! I had best get practicing my Victoria Sponge…!

The Brackley Community Carnival looks set to be a great day, check out the website for full details of events!


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The Crafty Lass does… Handmade Washi Tape Birthday Card!

Well, the official ‘National Stationery Week’ may be over – but in the words of Sarah Millican on Twitter:

“This week is National Stationery week. For some of us, EVERY week is National Stationery week.”

So, why not carry on your love for stationery and get creative with a handmade birthday card! All you need for this simple idea is some blank card, some scissors and the ever popular – washi tape! 🙂

It was recently a special birthday in this house, and my husband’s favourite colour is green…Understandably this card may be a little bright for some tastes – but go with whatever colours your recipient would love of course 🙂

A very simple card and craft, but I think with an effective outcome!

wpid-imag1528.jpg– Print out, or draw the ‘3 and 0’, or a letter, or even a short phrase! (backwards if possible so that no opportunity for lines to be seen when on the card) – cut out, turn over and wrap in washi tape!

– Cut out a rectangle of card, in whatever size and shape you would like – and score down the middle so that the card folds nicely in half.

– Cover the front of the card in alternative/contrasting tape to make sure you can see the numbers/font clearly and just trim neatly at the edges.

– I used some Sellotape sticky foam pads to then attach the numbers to the card so that they stood out slightly, but you could just glue straight on.

– ‘Et Voila!’ one personalised, handmade birthday card! 🙂





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New Royal Baby!

Well, the VIB (Very Important Baby) has finally arrived – Congratulations to Kate and William on the birth of a lovely little girl…!

PS – The Crafty Lass greeting cards are coming soon…(including ‘New Baby’ range – with ‘boy’ options too!) 😉

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